Welcome to PQScale Alpha: Trial Access to Aggregate Signature APIs Now Open

November 3, 2023
BTQ Research

We are thrilled to announce that PQScale, featuring our innovative Aggregate Signature Service, is now available for trial access. This is a key step in our ongoing effort to strengthen digital interactions in a post-quantum world. We invite early adopters to test PQScale and see the improvements in scalability and security it brings.

Aggregate Signature Service

In our previous blog post, we discussed the promise of PQScale, our signature aggregation service for lattice-based post-quantum digital signatures. PQScale improves transaction speeds while reducing transaction costs, making it particularly useful for blockchains with ambitions of becoming quantum-resistant. Learn more about how PQScale works:

With PQScale's alpha release, the Aggregate Signature Service ensures blockchain networks, bridging protocols, and other software systems can start their journey toward quantum security. By using our cutting-edge digital signature compression technology, we help reduce the strain on blockchains.

The pathway to developing the API service was lined with a blend of challenges and breakthroughs. From initial design sketches to coding marathons, our team delved deep into the realms of cryptographic algorithms, ensuring that the API service not only stood up to the ideals of robustness but also embraced the essence of user-centric design. Every challenge was an opportunity to improve, pushing us closer to our goal: an aggregate signature service that's ready for future quantum challenges and easy to integrate across digital platforms.


In the alpha launch, we’ve released 3 main API endpoints. Each feature is designed to provide a robust, user-friendly interface, enabling seamless interaction with post-quantum cryptographic functions. 

Post-Quantum Secure

  • Signing using PQC: Engage with a straightforward API endpoint to sign messages using a NIST-standardized Falcon digital signature. Please note that this API endpoint is provided for testing purposes and should not be used in production. The private keys used to sign the messages are owned by the PQScale team.

Signature Aggregation

  • Efficient Signature Aggregation: Request an aggregation task to consolidate multiple Falcon signatures into a single aggregate signature, optimizing the space required for signature storage and verification​.
  • Real-Time Aggregation Progress Tracking: Track the progress of your aggregation task, providing real-time status and insights.

To learn more, the API documentation provides comprehensive details, code snippets, and examples to get you started quickly.

Invitation for Trial

We are pleased to offer a trial of our innovative Aggregate Signature Service via the PQScale API. This presents a chance for software projects to witness the significant improvements in scalability and security that PQScale provides. Here's how to begin:

  1. Application:
    Please fill out the simple form https://noteforms.com/forms/pqscale-application-qo46fy, and include details about your team, contact information, and the purpose of usage. Our team is particularly interested in understanding how you envision leveraging PQScale to enhance your operations.
  2. Review and Approval:
    Our team will review your application and get back to you promptly. Upon approval, you will be provided with the necessary credentials to start your trial.
  3. Technical Support:
    Throughout the trial period, our technical support team will be available to assist you, ensuring a smooth and productive experience.
  4. Feedback Loop:
    We value your feedback and insights which will be instrumental in refining and enhancing our service. Share your experiences, challenges, and suggestions with us to foster a collaborative environment and drive continuous improvement.

This trial not only provides you with a hands-on experience to explore the capabilities of the PQScale API service but also showcases the enhanced security and scalability benefits inherent in post-quantum digital signature aggregation. By navigating real-world scenarios with PQScale, you'll be at the forefront of leveraging and contributing to next-generation cryptographic solutions.


The main goal of this project was to create a service that easily fits into existing systems, enhancing both security and scalability. With the introduction of our Aggregate Signature Service via the PQScale API, we're taking a big step towards a future that's ready for post-quantum challenges. As we launch this service, we encourage forward-thinking developers and innovators to join our trial. Dive into its features and share your feedback to help shape a secure post-quantum future. Your participation isn't just a test—it's a joint effort to build a digital world that can stand up to quantum threats. We're eager to see your contributions and are excited about working together towards a safer and more scalable post quantum digital landscape.

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