GPU Engineer

LocationTaipei City, Taiwan

Core Responsibilities

  • Develop parallel mining algorithms and models that scale up to multiple GPUs and instances
  • Identify performance hotspots and bounds with CUDA profiling tools
  • Perform in-depth code analysis and parallel model optimization to exploit the potential of latest GPU architectures and maximize CPU/GPU utility


    Minimum Requirements
  • Hands on experience with CUDA C++ parallel programming, including CPU/GPU integration for high-throughput systems
  • Sound knowledge of different generations of CUDA architectures, compute capabilities, performance optimization techniques
  • Solid knowledge of software design and programming techniques
  • Basic understanding of algorithms and mathematics

Interview process

  1. Application - Resume review and email exchange
  2. 1st round interview - Technical review
  3. Work sample (optional)
  4. 2nd round interview - Technical background interview with corporate partners
Upon successful interview process, we will make an offer to the candidate and discuss on boarding package
Reach out to us by sending your CV, resume, Github, and anything else that showcases your work!