Cryptography Researcher

LocationTaipei City, Taiwan

Core Responsibilities

  • Design, prototype, and implement cryptographic protocols that contribute to the BTQ network
  • Working with the research team on designing protocol for blockchains
  • Screening projects by reading protocol specifications and evaluating the technical teams
  • Reasoning through the emerging trends in the space and identifying non-obvious opportunities for deployment of capital
  • Working closely with technical teams on their mining mechanism, cryptographic primitives, crypto-economic model, smart contract security, and other ideas around protocols and software


    Minimum Requirements
  • MS/PhD in Computer Science/Engineering, or related field
  • Solid understanding of (at least one): Cryptography, Distributed systems or Formal verification
  • [Cryptography]: Design provably secure, scalable and practical cryptographic protocols, areas of interest include multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proof and post-quantum cryptograp
  • [Distributed systems]: Design, analyze and implement algorithms and architectures for dependable and scalable distributed systems
  • [Formal verification]: Develop and apply techniques to give strong security guarantees for smart contract
  • Ability to identify unconventional trends and emerging technologies
  • Sharp analytical mind and an ability to identify deals in the market
  • Ability to aggregate information from a variety of sources including technical repositories and anecdotal feedback from teams
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms to a non-technical audience
  • An open minded research approach and genuine intellectual curiosity
  • Contributions to research communities/efforts, including publishing papers in the field of cryptography, distributed systems, or programming languages
    Preferred Requirements
  • Courses/experience in cryptography, distributed systems, and/or formal verification.
  • Coding experience in one or more languages – Python/C/C++/Java/Go/Rust
  • Experience in advanced cryptography (e.g. MPC, zero-knowledge proofs, threshold signature)
  • Experience shipping cryptographic protocols or primitives to production
  • A desire to teach and mentor team members in your area of expertise
  • Published research paper in reputable cryptography journals and conferences

Interview process

  1. Application - Resume review and email exchange. Discuss research interests and publications.
  2. 1st round interview - Technical review. Discussion with management team and reference checks.
  3. 2nd round interview - Interview with partners and discussion of collaboration.
Upon successful interview process, we will make an offer to the candidate and discuss on boarding package
Reach out to us by sending your CV, resume, Github, and anything else that showcases your work!