Senior Backend Engineer

LocationTaipei City, Taiwan

Core Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain BTQ blockchain (e.g. consensus protocol, post-quantum libraries, EVM-like virtual machine, and their related tools)
  • Develop high-quality, high-concurrency, high-availability, high-scalability API backend with distributed micro-services
  • Work with the research team to implement the algorithm


    Minimum Requirements
  • Proficient in Golang
  • Experienced in C/C++
  • Database experience (RDBMS, NoSQL)
  • Experiences in developing cloud-based services
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
    Preferred Requirements
  • 3+ years backend experiences
  • Knowledge of Blockchain technologies
  • Experienced in CI/CD tools
  • Kubernetes and cloud services experiences

Interview process

  1. Application - Resume review and email exchange.
  2. 1st round interview - Technical review.
  3. Work sample (optional)
  4. 2nd round interview - Technical background interview with corporate partners.
Upon successful interview process, we will make an offer to the candidate and discuss on boarding package
Reach out to us by sending your CV, resume, Github, and anything else that showcases your work!