Quantum Advantage

BTQ builds post-quantum infrastructure to
secure mission critical networks

Our Products

BTQ offers a range of post quantum products, from custom-built languages and compilers to cloud-accessible software solutions and dedicated hardware.


A novel quantum-resistant blockchain scaling technique that uses zero-knowledge proofs to speed up transactions and lower costs.
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The zero-knowledge programming language (DSL) designed to help developers and privacy-centric companies in easily building applications that prioritize privacy.
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The go-to specialized hardware provider for zero-knowledge provers for accelerating ZK computation with fast, affordable, and accessible technology.
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A website dedicated to tracking all major developments in quantum computing research and market activity.
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Innovative Leadership in Cryptography:

Driving the Future
of Post Quantum

BTQ was founded by a group of post-quantum cryptographers with an interest in addressing the urgent threat that a large-scale universal quantum computer poses to digital security.

A Different Future

Paving the way for a more secure and efficient future for digital ecosystems.


Compact post-quantum signature schemes to safeguard assets from attacks by quantum computers.


Flexible smart contracts with formal verification to increase confidence and security.


Accelerated post-quantum cryptographic primitives embedded in advanced semiconductor technologies.

BTQ Blog & Updates

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January 31, 2024
The Diverse Applications of Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Enhancing Online Security
Explore the transformative power of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) in our comprehensive guide. Unveil how ZKPs fortify privacy in cryptocurrencies like Zcash, empower smart contracts, and counter quantum security risks. Dive into the future of digital privacy and security with our in-depth analysis on ZKPs' role in blockchain technology, identity verification, and beyond.
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January 9, 2024
Revolutionizing Privacy and Security: The Power of Zero-Knowledge Proofs in the Blockchain Era
Explore the transformative potential of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) beyond cryptocurrencies. Dive into how ZKPs offer groundbreaking solutions for data privacy, security, and personal control online. Uncover the history, working mechanism, and diverse applications of ZKPs in our digital world, and envision a future with enhanced privacy and impenetrable data security.
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December 22, 2023
Publishing the EIP for Falcon Verification
Our team is excited to invite the community to review and comment on our Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) to support a pre-compile for Falcon signature verification.
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