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BTQ is a global quantum technology company focused on securing mission critical networks.
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Three and Six Months Ended June 30, 2023 and 2022
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Three Months Ended March 31, 2023 and 2022
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Three Months Ended March 31, 2023 and 2022
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BTQ Technologies Selected for 2023 Canada-South Korea Quantum R&D Delegation: Strengthening Global Quantum Collaborations
BTQ Technologies Corp. Announces Voting Results of Annual General and Special Meeting
BTQ Technologies Unveils 'The Quantum State' Podcast: A Deep Dive into Quantum Computing with Leading Experts
BTQ's Preon, a Unique Quantum-Secure Signature Technology, Selected by NIST as Candidate for the Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process
BTQ Technologies Bolsters Advisory Board with the Addition of Brandt Pasco
BTQ Technologies Announces Memorandum of Understanding with IRCS Marking First Steps Toward Applying Quantum Security to AI Models
BTQ Patents Innovative Method and System for Generating Private Cryptographic Keys
BTQ Technologies Announces Inclusion Into The Quantum Energy Initiative (QEI)
BTQ's Collaborative Research Paper on Proof-of-Work Consensus by Quantum Sampling Featured in New Scientist, an Esteemed Science and Technology News Magazine
BTQ Technologies Publishes Research Paper on Proof-of-Work Consensus by Quantum Sampling
BTQ Technologies Corp. Names Lonny Wong as Chief Financial Officer
BTQ Technologies Announces its Acceptance into the Quantum Industry Canada Consortium
BTQ Technologies to be Featured on Radius Research's Pitch, Deep Dive and Q&A Webinar
BTQ Selected as Project to Watch by Coindesk; COO Nicolas Roussy Newton to Speak at Consensus Conference 2023
Event Details
Radius Research
BTQ Tech (BTQ) Software & Hardware to Safeguard Digital Infrastructure in post-quantum environment
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Investor Relations


Basic Policy
BTQ Technologies Corp., strives to accurately, impartially and promptly disclose corporate information to shareholders and investors that may influence investment decisions.

BTQ discloses information subject to timely disclosure regulations without delay, in compliance with both laws pertaining to securities trading and the regulations of the stock exchanges on which its shares are listed. BTQ also actively provides timely information not subject to disclosure regulations with the aim of enhancing understanding of the Company.

Additional information about BTQ’s finances can be found in the company’s public SEDAR filings at, along with other important information about the company.
Role of the BTQ Website
The BTQ website is provided for the convenience of people who use the Internet to gather information on the Company and not for the purpose of soliciting investment. Investors are encouraged to exercise their own judgment in making investment decisions.

BTQ publishes information on the website as it sees fit to ensure the accurate, impartial and prompt disclosure of information required by law and by pertinent regulations, as well as to voluntarily provide information it deems relevant, to investors. However, the Company does not guarantee that all disclosed information is published on the website. The Company also disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the content herein.

Before using this website, you are asked to read and familiarize yourself with BTQ’s website disclosure policy.
Forward-looking Statements
Financial results forecasts and projections contain forward-looking statements regarding BTQ’s assumptions, expectations and plans for the future based on information available to management as of the date of publication. The Company’s performance is subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from forecasts and projections. Accordingly, BTQ cautions website users not to rely solely on results, forecasts and projections.

Information about BTQ’s finances can be found in the company’s public SEDAR filings at, along with other important information about the company

Is BTQ a publicly traded company?
Yes. BTQ Technologies Corp. is listed and trading on the NEO Exchange in Canada, under the ticker “BTQ", on the OTCQX in the United States under the ticker "BTQQF", and on the Frankfurt Exchange in German under the ticker "NG3".
When was BTQ founded?
BTQ was originally founded as a private Liechtenstein entity in March, 2021, but later underwent a change of structure whereby it became a public Canadian entity in February, 2023.
Where is BTQ located?
The headquarters of BTQ Technologies Corp. is located in Vancouver, BC, but the company also has a wholly owned subsidiary in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, which in turn has a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan. The Taiwan office serves as the company’s technical hub, with a team of active researchers. BTQ also maintains a small but growing presence in Sydney, Australia, and Tokyo, Japan, and is actively expanding in both countries.
When is BTQ’s fiscal year-end?
BTQ’s financial year-end is December 31. This information is also publicly available in the company’s profile on
How can I learn more about BTQ’s financial statements?
Information about BTQ’s finances can be found in the company’s public SEDAR filings at, along with other important information about the company.
Where can I find information about BTQ’s executive team?
The company’s website at contains key information of this kind, and is continually updated.
Who is BTQ’s legal counsel?
BTQ’s Chief Legal Officer is Peter Lavelle, but the company has also retained Farris LLP, Winkler Partners, and Batliner Wanger Batliner Rechtsanwälte AG as its local counsel for matters specific to Canada, Taiwan, and Liechtenstein, respectively.