Our Products
We offer a range of post quantum products, from custom-built languages and compilers to cloud-accessible software solutions and dedicated hardware.
The go-to specialized hardware provider for zero-knowledge provers for accelerating ZK computation with fast, affordable, and accessible technology.
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Post-Quantum Cryptography Acceleration: Enhances security with quantum-resistant hardware acceleration.
Fast ZK Computation: Delivers rapid, cost-effective zero-knowledge processing.
Energy-Efficient Access: Offers high accessibility with lower power use.
NTT Performance Boost: Amplifies Number Theoretic Transform speeds by up to 50x.
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A novel quantum-resistant blockchain scaling technique that uses zero-knowledge proofs to speed up transactions and lower costs.
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Quantum-Safe Speed: Faster, cheaper quantum-safe signatures for daily use.
Signature Compression: Aggregates signatures to shrink size and boost speed.
Secure Verification: Uses zk-SNARKs for private, efficient proof verification.
Efficient Blockchains: Enhances blockchain scalability with compact, secure signatures.
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The zero-knowledge programming language (DSL) designed to help developers and privacy-centric companies in easily building applications that prioritize privacy.
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Haskell for ZKPs: Enhances zero-knowledge proof development with Haskell’s safety and advanced type system.
Modular ZKP Design: Allows easy pre- to post-quantum updates, ensuring long-term zkApp security.
Post-Quantum Ready: Supports R1CS circuits for quantum-resistant proofs across all zkApps.
Cross-Chain Deployment: Enables zkApp deployment across diverse verification environments for maximum flexibility.
Optimized Interoperability: Speeds up proof generation and reduces computational needs through Haskell’s efficient abstraction.
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Preon paves the path to a future-proof, digitally secure world with the power of a unique post-quantum signature scheme.
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Compact Security: Preon combines a minimal footprint with robust security.
Instant Protection: Fast key generation ensures quick, reliable security.
Assured Security: Preon offers solid security with minimal assumptions.
Versatile Use: Preon provides limitless security possibilities with its flexible system.
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Pioneering blockchain validation with quantum efficiency, ensuring future-proof security and seamless integration.
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Quantum Efficiency: QPoW leverages Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) hardware to achieve distributed consensus with minimal energy consumption, saving orders of magnitude in power.
Future-Proof Security: Anticipating and mitigating potential quantum advancements, QPoW ensures robust security for blockchain networks, offering a reliable defense against emerging threats.
Seamless Integration: QPoW seamlessly integrates quantum algorithms into existing blockchain infrastructure, delivering a streamlined solution for validation processes, enhancing operational efficiency.
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Explore qubit progress, gate reliability, and cryptographic threats with our Quantum Risk Calculator.
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Qubit Evolution: Predicts rapid growth of qubits, key for quantum computing's future, with doubling rates under optimistic and less optimistic views.
Quantum Gate Analysis: Projects decreasing noise in quantum gates, adhering to DeVincenzo’s law, with potential stalls in reductions.
Cryptography Risk: Estimates time for quantum computers to break ECDSA, highlighting a looming security threat for Bitcoin by 2027.
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