BTQ in Taiwan!

December 2, 2022
BTQ Research

BTQ is happy to announce that the company has received government approval for the establishment of a branch office in Taiwan. While BTQ initially set up a representative office in 2021, our Taipei operations have grown considerably since then, and the transition to a branch office structure is the logical next step for the company. BTQ now has a bustling office in the heart of Taipei’s Zhongzheng district, and registering as a branch office of the parent company has expanded the scope of available business activities, which were somewhat more constrained for our previous representative office. By setting up a branch office in Taipei, BTQ has deepened its commitment to building next generation encryption technology within Taiwan’s world-class semiconductor ecosystem, with an ever-growing IP portfolio generated by Taiwan’s brightest talents in the field of post-quantum cryptography. With additional offices in Australia and Liechtenstein and collaborations with high-level research institutions including Taiwan’s ITRI, BTQ is now poised to take the lead in bringing quantum secure technology to the global market.

In addition to securing our branch office, BTQ has been co-organizing the PQC Standardization and Migration Workshop collocated with the Asiacrypt 2022 conference in Taipei. This workshop will feature world-class speakers from NIST, Samsung, and top research institutes regarding the developments and integration of post-quantum cryptography in digital infrastructure. From BTQ, Dr. Po-Chun Kuo (CTO) will be presenting the theory behind PQScale, our post-quantum scaling solution for blockchains and similar applications based on BTQ’s proprietary aggregate signature technology. In addition, Dr. Chen-Mou Cheng will be showcasing Keelung, BTQ’s compiler and domain-specific language embedded in Haskell, capable of significantly accelerating the development of ZKP applications across a wide variety of scenarios. Dr. Chen-Mou Cheng will also be speaking at the Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) NExT Forum on Quantum Computing, dedicated to quantum communication technology and its applications. It will cover topics including quantum communication theory, quantum hardware implementation, quantum key distribution, and post-quantum cryptography.

Our team will also be a gold sponsor at Taipei Blockchain Week 2022. This conference will bring together industry experts in the blockchain space from all over the world to educate and empower the Taiwanese community to become a growing hub for web3 innovation. During the conference, BTQ will host a developer bootcamp on Keelung where we will showcase the ease and strength of building zero-knowledge proofs with Keelung. BTQ will be looking to make key additions to the team during these events. We are currently hiring for several positions across cryptography research, hardware engineering, and software engineering. See our open positions here.

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