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Mar 6, 2024
Open Sourcing BTQ-Falcon: Secure Your Future Today With Quantum-Resistant Signatures
Today, we're proud to introduce the open sourcing of btq-falcon-js, our customized JavaScript implementation of the NIST-approved FALCON signature scheme.
Open Sourcing BTQ-Falcon: Secure Your Future Today With Quantum-Resistant Signatures

As we stand on the brink of the quantum computing era, the need for quantum-resistant cryptographic tools is more pressing than ever. Today, we're proud to introduce the open sourcing of btq-falcon-js, our customized JavaScript implementation of the NIST-approved FALCON signature scheme. 

What is FALCON?

FALCON (Fast-Fourier Lattice-based Compact Signatures over NTRU) stands at the cutting edge of cryptographic innovation, securing a prestigious spot in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)'s fourth round of the post-quantum cryptography standardization process. This recognition underscores FALCON's potential to withstand the sophisticated challenges quantum computing poses to current cryptographic standards. Designed for both efficiency and security, FALCON offers a quantum-resistant safeguard, ensuring the integrity of digital signatures in an era beyond classical computing threats.

Enhancements in BTQ-Falcon

Our journey in enhancing FALCON's capabilities, leading to the development of btq-falcon-js, is built upon the shoulders of giants. We extend our gratitude to the architects of the original FALCON algorithm for their groundbreaking work and to Grammatopoulos Athanasios-Vasileios for the Emscripten compiler setup, which facilitated the adaptation of FALCON into a JavaScript environment.

In our quest to push the boundaries of digital security, we've tailored the original FALCON algorithm into btq-falcon-js, introducing several key enhancements that bolster its performance and applicability. Our version stays true to FALCON's core principles while elevating its deterministic nature, a critical factor for its integration with PQScale, our aggregate signature solution. The key enhancements include:

  • Deterministic Output: By refining the algorithm's output, we've minimized the variability in signature generation. This deterministic nature is crucial for applications requiring consistent and predictable cryptographic operations, enhancing both security and efficiency.
  • Integration Readiness: btq-falcon-js is engineered for seamless integration with PQScale, facilitating a straightforward process for developers to incorporate quantum-resistant signatures into their existing systems without extensive modifications.

How to Use BTQ-Falcon with PQScale

Integrating btq-falcon-js with PQScale is a straightforward process designed to empower developers with the tools to implement quantum-resistant digital signatures seamlessly. Here’s how you can leverage btq-falcon-js alongside PQScale to enhance your digital security:

  1. Install btq-falcon-js: Begin by incorporating btq-falcon-js into your project. The library is available on GitHub, and you can easily include it in your JavaScript applications through npm.
  2. Generate Keys: Utilize btq-falcon-js to generate your public and private key pair. These keys are fundamental to creating and verifying signatures and are designed to be quantum-resistant, ensuring long-term security.
  3. Sign Messages: With your keys generated, use btq-falcon-js to sign your messages. The library will produce a signature that verifies the integrity and origin of your data, using the private key you generated in the previous step.
  4. Aggregate Signatures with PQScale: Once you have your signatures, PQScale's API can be used to aggregate these signatures into a single, compact form. This aggregation can significantly reduce the data size, optimizing both storage and transmission.

Access to PQScale Trial

To start using btq-falcon-js with PQScale, we invite you to participate in the PQScale trial. This will give you access to our API, detailed documentation, and support from our development team. To join the trial, fill out the simple form with your project details, and we’ll provide everything you need to get started.


Through BTQ-Falcon, we aim to empower developers and organizations with the tools they need to secure their digital assets against the looming quantum threats, ensuring a safer digital future for all. By bridging the gap between theoretical innovation and practical application, BTQ-Falcon not only enhances the accessibility of post-quantum cryptography but also sets a new standard for security in the digital age. As we move forward, the integration with PQScale offers a clear pathway for developers and organizations to fortify their systems against the looming quantum threat. We encourage the community to explore btq-falcon-js, to experiment with its capabilities, and to contribute to its evolution. The journey towards quantum resistance is complex, but with tools like BTQ-Falcon and PQScale, we are one step closer to achieving it.