Quantum Australia: Cyber Security in the Quantum Age

February 28, 2023
BTQ Research

Our advisor Professor Gavin Brennen chaired the panel "Cyber Security in the Quantum Age" at Quantum Australia. Brennen highlighted the potential danger that quantum computers pose to public-key cryptography and warned that it could lead to the breakdown of secure communication systems.

Panel members included:

  • Alexey Bocharnikov, APAC Quantum Technology Leader, EY
  • Lily Lidong Chen, Manager, Cryptographic Technology Group, Computer Security Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA (V)
  • Julian Fay, Chief Technology Officer, Senetas
  • Peter Rohde, Senior Lecturer, UTS
  • Gavin Brennen, Professor, Macquarie University (Panel Chair)
Gavin Brennan chairing the "Cyber Security in the Quantum Age" panel.

Gavin Brennan chairing the "Cyber Security in the Quantum Age" panel.

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